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Caribbean Beach Belize

The Belize swamp

How we have ever told you on the blog, Belize , also known as «The former British Honduras», is a small country located on the coast of the Caribbean in Central America that limits with Mexico and Guatemala. The north of Belize is mostly a very pantanosa coastal plain, as we defined it in the […]

The Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza Mexico.

Some interest data on Mexico

Among all American states, Mexico is one of the largest and largest diversity of cultures. It has enormous amount of natural resources that have contributed, by the hand of increasing tourism in the main destinations, to its economic growth. & nbsp; For those who do not know much about this American state, Mexico is a […]

Aerial View Downtown City Skyline Urban Core Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas casinos

Las Vegas is par excellence the capital of the casinos, the city of sin and the site with insured fun. Few sites can be comparable to this city that never sleeps, always being characterized by its immense posters of colors and luxurious hotels and casinos, which even dare to copy the most emblematic buildings in […]

Chicago riverwalk...

Entertainments in Chicago

Called by many the city of the wind, or also the city of the skyscrapers, in addition to being the second famous city of the United States, Chicago has a lot to offer for the entertainment of adults and children. Many years ago the city of Chicago was known as «the city of the gangsters», […]

In the north, the Canadian tundra

In northern Canada the earth is not very fertile and almost the entire region, known as «sterile lands», is covered by the tundra. In the part that is further away from the pole, the vegetation of the tundra ecosystem includes low scrublands, pastures and seditions. In the regions located further north, the polar desert plants […]


This is a dominated place like the paradise of golfers, yatismo, horseback riding, weekend cycling, for tennis players, hunters and shooters, kilometers of beach, Altos de Chavón, excursions to Saona and Catalina in the Eastern Park, diving diving . Casa de Campo has given worldwide fame to Roman as a destination for golfers since its […]

The states of the Union

The United States of America occupy part of North America, limiting north with Canada and south with Mexico. This surface contains 48 of its 50 states. The other two states would be: Alaska, in the northwest end of North America and the group of the Hawaii Islands, in the Central Pacific. Let’s not forget that […]

Best known VIP places in Mexico

Mexico is an unparalleled destination. It combines print landscapes, beaches, history, art and a vibrant social life. Without a doubt, it is a country with much to discover, full of incomparable corners. Among everything Mexico offers its visitors there are really luxurious VIP areas. Of course, they are not available to anyone. Only lucky ones […]