Cartagena de Indias, Puerto Historical, beaches and heritage of the Caribbean

Cartagena de Indias, Puerto Historical, beaches and heritage of the Caribbean

Among the historical destinations of the Caribbean , Cartagena de Indias , in Colombia , it stands out as few as a very complete city, loaded with history, and with Magnificent places both in the city and in the natural environment to know.

Cartagena de Indias is located in the department of Bolívar , in Colombia , and is also one of the main urban centers of the country. The city is an important tourist destination for its cultural historical value and its beaches.

Located in front of the Caribbean Sea , the city had a time of great splendor in colonial times, being one of the main ports throughout the continent. Unlike many post -colonial cities, Cartagena knew how to preserve its historic center, area of ​​the city that is now the epicenter of its appeal, declared as World Heritage in 1984.

Cartagena remained during the twentieth century outside the civil conflicts of Colombia , and with its port totally oriented to look at the world. The development of foreign trade allowed for decades a strong impulse to architecture, art and the establishment of a local culture of great identity.

Cartagena is unmissable between the destinations of Colombia and the Caribbean . With an injured coast, together with island formations, coastal lagoons and beaches, the options to discover a unique natural environment are endless. In addition, the Caribbean climate, enjoys the privilege of being in protection of hurricanes for orientation.

Tour the historic center, among many castles and churches, with the famous clock tower, its walls, the cobbled streets with large houses and balconies and buildings of historical value, it is a time trip in a city with multiple facets. Cartagena does not leave indifference, and requires several days of dedication to discover and get carried away by its charm.