Islands Of Oceania

Islands Of Oceania

If you feel like traveling to the Oceanian Islands, then we have to mention Polynesia, located in the center and south of the Pacific Ocean. Simply a paradise of 1,000 islands, where you can take a walk in this beautiful place. Undoubtedly a tourist destination exclusively for those who want to eliminate stress and spend a few […]

Canberra, Flores and Spring

Canberra come alive with a million flowers in spring where the largest flower festival is celebrated ( Floriade ) in Australia, for 30 fragrant days in September and October, the beds From the Commonwealth Park It is a colored party in the open green spaces of Canberra and native gardens, which is immersed in the […]


Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands

When one arrives in the capital of a country, he hopes to meet a large metropolis, high buildings, transit, wide streets … but it is not when he uploaded to Majuro , the capital of the Republic of The Marshall Islands . A country that consists of twenty -nine atolls, five of which are disposed […]

Sunset in Darwin Australia

Tiwi Islands: A tropical paradise in the Australian continent

In Australia it is possible to find paradise only 80 kilometers north of Darwin, capital of the northern territory. This is the Melville Islands in Bathurst, called Tiwi Islands that it is possible to access in a propeller plane from Darwin on a flight that lasts approximately 20 minutes and allows the passenger to admire […]

The pearls of Australia; Broome

A combination of red colors (the Earth Color Oxide), the Roebuck Bay Aguamand You can go thanks to good economic flights . The dramatic contrasts of color and time with the city throughout a rich history and cultural complexity, brome > Australia western. This beauty has tempted adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists and travelers of Broome , […]

Safety when traveling through Australia

Australia is one of the most insurance countries in the world. Chosen as destination by adventurers or backpackers, its cities enjoy one of the highest levels of security and quality of life. Australia , sitting the foundations of a solid political system, and a stable economy that generates the investment and tranquility conditions that moves […]

Beware of Australian fauna

Australia has a very diverse and interesting fauna, but it can also be very dangerous. Of the 10 snakes more poisonous in the world, 8 are Australia . You also have to be careful with crocodiles and poisonous frogs. A guide to walk carefully. snakes : The most poisonous that can be found in Australia […]

The Australian language

Language is the greatest hall of identity that a country can have, the other is anthem. In the case of Australia, the official language is English, however it is a somewhat peculiar English. Its differences with respect to the English of England and the United States leads to consider it as an Englishman that is […]

Marino Ningaloo Park

Next to the west coast of Australia , an extension of water protected by color, extends over 260 kilometers as an endless transparent pool. It is one of the few coral reefs in the world that can be traveled walking from the beach and with the water to the knee. none allows you to swim […]