The pearls of Australia; Broome

The pearls of Australia; Broome

A combination of red colors (the Earth Color Oxide), the Roebuck Bay Aguamand You can go thanks to good economic flights .

The dramatic contrasts of color and time with the city throughout a rich history and cultural complexity, brome > Australia western.

This beauty has tempted adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists and travelers of Broome , who have given him the feeling of a cosmopolitan city with a living culture, great cuisine, art and unique style that he will not find in other places.

Initially established as a perlero center by Japanese entrepreneurs in the 1880s, brome the company.

The search for pearls in an open sea by divers who at the beginning, did not have a breathing apparatus and therefore many were prey to sharks, showed that it was a very dangerous company, but very lucrative to the time.

The Perlera reached its maximum level in 1900, when the city had 400 locals that supplied 80% of the world ( mainly used for the buttons ).

Today this work was replaced by pearl farms and open water diving was reduced to a handful of family businesses that continue to lend by obtaining the famous pearls of Broome , so coveted worldwide.

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