Tiwi Islands: A tropical paradise in the Australian continent

Tiwi Islands: A tropical paradise in the Australian continent

In Australia it is possible to find paradise only 80 kilometers north of Darwin, capital of the northern territory. This is the Melville Islands in Bathurst, called Tiwi Islands that it is possible to access in a propeller plane from Darwin on a flight that lasts approximately 20 minutes and allows the passenger to admire the extraordinary coastal landscape. You can also arrive in Ferry from Darwin to Bathurst Island on a two -hour journey.

Long white sand beaches and crystalline waters receive visitors who, when they enter, will discover numerous natural pools embedded in the rocks and framed by the lush tropical vegetation of the island.

And if the landscape falls in love with the lucky ones who arrive there, no less lovely is the contact with their inhabitants, aborigines that maintain uses, customs, traditions, rites and art forms characteristic of the former owners of these lands.

Many of the residents are artists who manifest their art in various objects such as vessels, sculptures and wood inlays that are exhibited to the public in the Bathurst Island art gallery.

Local artists maintain an ancestral lifestyle and to perform their works are inspired by cultural elements of Polynesia, very different from those that exist in the rest of the Australian continent.

One of the most interesting tours is the one that takes place with the old women who while sharing tea and bread, talk and explain what their daily lives and their culture are.

During this experience, it will be possible to enjoy some complex rituals associated with the Pukamani (burial ceremony) or getting out of excursion through the Bathurst Island desert.

The Tiwi Islands are a true Australian tropical paradise that you should not miss.