Welcome To India, A World Apart

Welcome To India, A World Apart

This is how we would define what our conception of this country is until now. It is possible to arrive in India with thousands of preconceptions and ideas, but it is impossible to leave with the same conception as when you arrived. And it is that for us, it was not the poverty, the dirt, […]

Asia Cruise Destinations

It is more and more common for tourists to opt for a cruise through Asian lands, because this continent has many natural corners to discover and because the offer of shipping companies is increasing. Taking a cruise through Asia is a real possibility to enjoy during the holidays and the prices of many cruises are […]

Temples in St. Petersburg | Journey to Russia

St. Petersburg not only has to show us museums but many more attractions. Touring the historic center of the city we can find many monuments that are part of the heritage of humanity, especially those that are part of religious architecture. We refer to the cathedrals and monasteries that are crowded to this day by […]

Jerash Festival, one of Jordan’s most important cultural events

As every year, shortly after the summer starts, Jordan prepares to celebrate the Jerash Festival, one of the most important cultural events in the country. Internationally known for its & nbsp; Roman Heritage, the city will transform its streets with an appointment that will gather visitors from all over June 26 to July 6. Musical […]

mansaf, Jordanian national dish

Gastronomy: The main dishes of the Jordano menu

that open the senses preparing us to taste the main dishes presented below on the Jordanian table. thus, it is very common which comes from the traditional Beduine cuisine and is usually served in the most special occasions. It is a dish made with lamb meat seasoned with aromatic herbs, which can be very spicy […]

Class, beaches and History of Israel

Despite its many apartments in front of the sea and the incipient industrial zone, the Israeli city of Ascalón is one of the oldest cities of the next east . Of course, if you visit her with good weather it is mandatory to enjoy her extraordinary Mediterranean beaches, but it is also an inexcusable visit […]

Ar-Rasafa, touring eastern Syria

ar-rasafeh is located south of the euphrates and north of the semi-desert Syrian, 160 km southeast alepo and 30 km south of the alepo- Raqqa . The palace of rasafeh was the residence of Hisham Ibn Abdul Malik, the third Caliph Omayyad, considered golden age due to its great interest in the arts and architecture. […]

Thailandia, sand and wood

Let’s go back to Thailandia and breathe the many landscapes paradise of the tranquility it possesses. Many of them, barely torn by man are lonely beaches where to get lost on our vacation far from the worldly noise and that will bring peace and tranquility to our spirit. Mai Khao Beach is a good example […]

Attractions in Japan? Let’s know the Tokyo Dome stadium

Japan is a country full of attractions of all kinds, from millenary palaces and constructions, which also shows us the grandiloquence of its rich traditional culture, as is the most important exponent in the world in terms of futuristic technological attractions. If we visit the city of Tokyo, we will find one of the most […]