Jerash Festival, one of Jordan’s most important cultural events

Jerash Festival, one of Jordan’s most important cultural events

As every year, shortly after the summer starts, Jordan prepares to celebrate the Jerash Festival, one of the most important cultural events in the country. Internationally known for its & nbsp; Roman Heritage, the city will transform its streets with an appointment that will gather visitors from all over June 26 to July 6. Musical […]

mansaf, Jordanian national dish

Gastronomy: The main dishes of the Jordano menu

that open the senses preparing us to taste the main dishes presented below on the Jordanian table. thus, it is very common which comes from the traditional Beduine cuisine and is usually served in the most special occasions. It is a dish made with lamb meat seasoned with aromatic herbs, which can be very spicy […]

Exotic Jordan trip as a couple

Couples seek to enjoy exotic destinations and one of the most recommended to take into account for a future trip is Jordan. Couples who have visited Jordan have been delighted with this country, because it is an impressive natural place and offers very appetizing destinations to be able to spend a very romantic couple vacation. […]

The incredible colors of Jordan

Jordan is one of the emerging destinations that most fall in love. Its people, its landscape, its gastronomy and its monuments display a wonderful color palette that enchants the view of travelers. Thus, although much of its territory is desert, no place is as surprising as the wadi rum desert sandstone rock and sand. Tour […]