Temples in St. Petersburg | Journey to Russia

Temples in St. Petersburg | Journey to Russia

St. Petersburg not only has to show us museums but many more attractions. Touring the historic center of the city we can find many monuments that are part of the heritage of humanity, especially those that are part of religious architecture. We refer to the cathedrals and monasteries that are crowded to this day by the faithful of the orthodox church .

For example, let’s start visiting the famous and tourist Cathedral of San Pedro and San Pablo , which was commanded to build by order of the Tsar Pedro I the Great about 3 centuries ago. You will notice your arrival that this fabulous cathedral is fully protected by a fortress, and from the distance it can be recognized by its angel symbol. Visiting the Cathedral of San Pedro and San Pablo not only means approaching a heavenly temple of incredible architecture. It also means knowing Russia’s past because here many of its emperors and rulers are buried.

Let us now go to the San Isaac Cathedral , who fights the San Pedro and San Pablo for its beauty and imposing. On the same land two previous churches have passed, the first was built in wood and the second in stone until the nineteenth century was finally appeared this famous work of architectural art made with the finest we ended up in marble and granite. From afar the sun shines reflecting in its gold dome. Do not hesitate to make a visit, even if it is short of this place.

Then we move towards the cathedral of the Holy Trinity dates from 1835 and has capacity for no less than 3 thousands of people. It is currently fully restored and remodeled.

On the other hand, the monastery of Alejandro Nevski is older than the 2 cathedrals previously appointed as it dates the year 1710. He is named after the remains of the Prince of Novgorod and kyiv, the great Russian leader that He was then appointed as a patron of the Russian Orthodox Church . If we enter the monastery, we will notice that within it two Baroque -style churches and a cathedral that do not share the same characteristics are posed because it has a totally neoclassical style. It is also worth mentioning that a two great cemeteries, that of Lázarev and that of Tikhvin perch here. What are these holy fields special? Here are the tombs of the great Russian novelist of the nineteenth century, Dostoevski and the great composite Chaikovski.