Class, beaches and History of Israel

Class, beaches and History of Israel

Despite its many apartments in front of the sea and the incipient industrial zone, the Israeli city of Ascalón is one of the oldest cities of the next east . Of course, if you visit her with good weather it is mandatory to enjoy her extraordinary Mediterranean beaches, but it is also an inexcusable visit to know her archaeological park.

In the enormous site we will know its origins as a philistine city of the twelfth century BC, when its port was a first -order commercial establishment. The city remained a Philistine for several centuries, resisting the attempts of conquest by the Israelites. Although it finally ended up being conquered consecutively by Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, although the latter already occupied the city in the seventh century of our era.

Of all this we find fulfilled in an extraordinarily preserved deposit by citizens and authorities. The entire archaeological enclosure is called National Park and remains open to visits during every day of the year.

Touring the site is a walk through the history of Ascalón , and Israel in general, and always with the presence of the Mediterranean in the background. Here the Roman era columns, built in the time of Herod, with synagogues or with the walled that was built during the Crusades, coexist.

The National Park and the coast zone, with beautiful beaches with biblical names such as Samson or Dalila, make ascalon into a special place during our Journey to Israel . In fact, it is a quite important tourist destination in the convulso Middle East , so the hotel offer has proliferated, appropriate to the ability of different pockets.