Some of the best beaches in Germany

Some of the best beaches in Germany

Germany is an ideal place to work and do tourism. It has many known tourist attractions, but without a doubt something that can also attract tourists are their beaches, located north of the country, in the North Sea and on the Baltic Sea coast.
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You can enjoy a relaxation day and rest on some beach in Germany, and even in some river or lake, while sunbathing, the beach is traveled, the sea is enjoyed or navigated in a candle ship.

Back in the north, in Rügen, there are a lot of beaches along the 570 kilometers of coast, although the best known are those of the Seebäder. The beaches have a white and fine sand that gives a special sensation.

The water is quite cold, so it is best to approach the beaches in the months of August (especially) and July, since you can heat well thanks to the Baltic. And if not … on hot days you feel a good bath still in a somewhat cold water.

Some beaches in Germany
You may surprise you the tropical beach that has 60 kilometers from Berlin, in an old hangar that they have tried to create a very interesting tropical paradise in a hotel that has an artificial beach, a lagoon (pool), a forest with palm trees and several animals.

Sylt Beach is a beach of almost 40 kilometers that is located on the fourth largest island of Germany (Sylt) becoming one of the beaches preferred by tourists, even for those who go with their pets, those who practice nudism or Those who perform aquatic sports.

Prerow beach in the Baltic Sea is a beach very close to a natural park where you can access on foot or by bicycle.

Prara Beach is bordered by a very particular building, and it is perhaps what most highlights it, although the truth is that it is worth approaching and enjoying it.

Junist Beach is a 17 -kilometer beach, on the most elongated island of the Eastern Frisias Islands, which is between Marshmas and the North Sea rude. Many feel trapped by their beauty, especially for the marshes considered a World Heritage by UNESCO or by the families of seals that can be seen from there. If you want to do health tourism or go on vacation with children, this is your ideal site.

Sankt Peter-Ars is a very interesting German spa city in the Nordfriesland district, the largest in number of overnight stays. Its main characteristic has a sulfur spring to which healing properties can be given. It stands out for its great and beautiful sand beach.

Timmendorf beach is ideal for people who want to go to the beach, play sports, go to Beach-Club and do activities and events on the beach. Some consider it as closest to our beaches, although that must be judged.

Graral-Müritz beach is a beach with a bioclima mixed with forest and sea air that helps feel good recovering body and mind. Many enjoy the peace and energies that transmit them.

Hidsesee beach is very special for those who like tranquility and nature, since it is a very virginal and quiet protected place.