Do you know the travel habits of the Spaniards?

Do you know the travel habits of the Spaniards?

Next to officially inaugurate the summer season and at the beginning of the Exodus towards different holiday destinations, do you know what are the holiday habits of the Spaniards? To do this, the online travel agency a lot of trip, developed the III study of travel habits of the Spaniards , as a way to establish an evolutionary radiography of their customs during the summer season.

The main conclusion of the report informs that a 77% of the Spaniards have projected a vacation trip during this year, a figure that although it is significant, compared to last year’s data, records a decrease in seven percentage points.

Of those who cannot enjoy & nbsp; Outside his house the summer season, more than half (54%) argues economic circumstances, a variable that, with respect to the study carried out in 2011, has risen 11%. In any case, the economic situation does not seem to be the greatest difficulty for Spaniards to enjoy their summer vacation.

The III study of travel habits of the Spaniards, has also determined that 49% of respondents recognize that their budget for this year will be the same as last year, while 45% admit that it will be inferior. Of this strip, only 6% of the polls ensure that their budget will increase in the next summer vacations.

seven out of ten Spaniards have had to cut expenses during the year (night leisure and restaurants outings) to be able to deal with summer holidays and in terms of chosen destinations, the study concludes that the option Preferred is still sun and beach (on the coast, urban getaways and cruises).

The percentage of international trips decreased seven points and Spain is the destination chosen for 57% of respondents; Other data provided by the III study of Spanish travel habits refers that the Spaniards no longer go on vacation only in August but will also do so between July and September, with a duration that goes between a week and fifteen days ( 10.5).