Get To Know The Best Of Brihuega

Get To Know The Best Of Brihuega

Have you ever thought of visiting Brihuega? It is probably not one of your main destinations, but it is certainly an excellent option. Just let us tell you what you can see and do here and we are sure you will love it. In case you didn’t know, the town of Brihuega is located in the province of […]

Do you know the travel habits of the Spaniards?

Next to officially inaugurate the summer season and at the beginning of the Exodus towards different holiday destinations, do you know what are the holiday habits of the Spaniards? To do this, the online travel agency a lot of trip, developed the III study of travel habits of the Spaniards , as a way to […]

Casa Salada, Ibiza Spain

Discover Ibiza | Travel to Spain

Eivissa, much more than beach Eivissa, or as it is better known, Ibiza, is an island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the Balearic Islands. This island has an extension of 572 square kilometers, 210 kilometers of coast and a population of more than 129,000 inhabitants. There is so the […]

Fighting bulls in the arena. Bullring. Toro bravo. Spain. Horizontal

10 things to do in Spain | Spain Travel blog

If you are looking into traveling toSpain here are 10 things that you need to do. Don´t worry if you are not able to do all these things in one trip, you can also split them in two and do some others when you get a change to go back to Spain (find cheap trips […]

Canyons of the Lobos River in Soria province, Spain

Know Soria | Travel to Spain

located in the northern part of Spain, soria belongs to the Autonomous Community of Castilla-León. With a very diverse and spectacular landscape, it is a holiday destination ideal to enjoy at any time of the year. Soria is a province whose capital bears the same name and has a continental climate, with long and cold […]

Aerial view of the antique and touristic village of Patones

Patones above

In Spain there are many peoples that stand out for their uniqueness and beauty, but this is a special case since it is small but with a lot of charm and differs from the rest due to its original architecture. That is why we want you to know this town that we encourage you to […]

Beautiful landscape of Lanzarote Island

Enjoy Lanzarote’s nightlife

Being part of other of the islands that constitute the province of Las Palmas, Lanzarote differs from Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria for many qualities, but especially because of the open and fun character of its inhabitants, its cosmopolitan life and a spring climate that prevails throughout the year making visiting it is always appropriate. But […]

Visit Cáceres

Cáceres is one of the first Spanish cities declared World Heritage, in 1986. One of the reasons for that award is that it has one of the best preserved historical helmets of all Spanish cities. The style is medieval. The walk is also easy because it was one of the sites that first made pedestrians […]


Albarracín is a nice town in the community of Teruel, in Aragon, Spain. Since 1961 the town is considered a national monument and is proposed to be part of the Unesco World Heritage list (see more about the World Heritage in Spain). Here we tell you more about this picturesque medieval small town that is […]

Know where the Spaniards pass Holy Week

We saw that Spain is one of the favorite destinations of British tourists, but … what are the preferences of the Spaniards to make a getaway in Holy Week ? Apparently, a high percentage will opt for a peninsular destination although the islands experience an important rebound at this time. Those who decide to stay […]