Know where the Spaniards pass Holy Week

Know where the Spaniards pass Holy Week

We saw that Spain is one of the favorite destinations of British tourists, but … what are the preferences of the Spaniards to make a getaway in Holy Week ?

Apparently, a high percentage will opt for a peninsular destination although the islands experience an important rebound at this time. Those who decide to stay at home will occupy their time in thematic or natural parks that by these dates increase their sales by 11%, such as museums that will be another ‘places of worship’ in Holy Week , season where they duplicate their tickets.

These conclusions result from the analysis of travel and leisure trends made at 6.2 million homes (42% of the population), associated with the Travel Club loyalty program.

The study concludes that the Spaniards will opt for peninsular destinations and increase the number of visitors in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or San Sebastián . The islands, in any case, are still a favorite destination with important growths that reach 60% in the Canary Islands (discover the best hotels in Lanzarote and many Hotels in Fuerteventura ) and at 30% in the Balearic Islands . the museums for their part double the sale of tickets.

These numbers are after analyzing the data of the partners that their points Travel Club use every year to travel and given the important number of partners, it constitutes an excellent barometer to test the latest consumption and leisure trends Among the Spaniards.

Outside the borders, the Spanish tourist opts for countries in Central Europe but Italy is a country that is especially attractive to others: Italy, Rome, Florence or Venice They carry the first positions in the ranking of European cities.

As for transoceanic trips, preferences are inclined to the United States and more specifically, for New York , the city that never sleeps.

While the crisis has modified and fragmented the holidays of the Spanish tourist, it does not resign them even if it should reduce time and budget.