Albarracín is a nice town in the community of Teruel, in Aragon, Spain. Since 1961 the town is considered a national monument and is proposed to be part of the Unesco World Heritage list (see more about the World Heritage in Spain). Here we tell you more about this picturesque medieval small town that is worth a visit.
The town of Albarracín is located in a pinion and protected by the Guadalaviar river that surrounds it almost completely.

The people have medieval origins that are still evident given the disposition of its streets and the constructions that today give them a particular charm. The streets are narrow and steep, while the houses have wide and stone walls with simple and beautiful balconies, typical of a story by Romeo and Julieta.

The ancient pate of the city is the most famous for its history and also for the «hung houses» that are the ones that give on the river, and (literally) they are hanging.

The current population of Albarracín does not exceed 1200 inhabitants, being one of the few small Spanish towns that has not seen an important depopulation in the last decade.

What to do in Albarracín?
Many monuments can be visited in the city: the church of Santa María and the Cathedral , the Plaza Mayor and the community square and several stately mansions of interesting architectural aspects.

But the charm of the town can be seen especially when walking through their zigzagentes streets between reddish walls and breathing the air that seems old. The balconies, the doors and even the callers are clear witnesses of the long history of this town .

The Sierra de Albarracín where the town is located is rich in flora and fauna and is an excellent location to do trekking or go hunting. Many visitors choose Albarracín not only for their charm but for the outdoor activities options that can be practiced in their surroundings.

How to get to Albarracín?
Albarracín is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway .

Teruel is the largest city nearby. Many train and bus connections can take us to this center in Aragon. From there they are 35 kilometers in the direction of Zaragoza .

From Monday to Saturday (except holidays) there is a bus that connects the Sierra de Albarracín with Teruel. leaves the Teruel bus station at 15.30 and returns from Albarracín to 8.30 in the morning .

For more information you can visit the official website of Albarracín where you will find excellent maps, information about events in the city and everything you need to finish organizing your escape.