10 things to do in Spain | Spain Travel blog

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If you are looking into traveling toSpain here are 10 things that you need to do. Don´t worry if you are not able to do all these things in one trip, you can also split them in two and do some others when you get a change to go back to Spain (find cheap trips to do the things you missed).

First of all you must know that the food there is in Spain is called “tapas.” This is typical food that you must try no matter what. “Tapas” are small plates that have the “torta española” or other spanish delicacies. In certain bars that are located in Granada (you can stay in the Almuñecar hotels) you will find that they give “tapas” free when you buy alcoholic drinks. That is a cheap dinner for one night. Second of alla is going to a “corrida de toros” (bullfighting). You must not miss a bull fight. These are essential, basic and traditional for every spanish citizen especially because it is part of their history. Next is looking at Antonio Gaudí´s architecture. He has great works but his most important one is the “Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona. A remarkable work of art that you must not miss.

You can also not go to the Alhambra in Granada. Due to the greatness of this place it might take around 4 hours to see all of it. Be sure to take time, water and food so you can enjoy it much more.“Flamenco” dances are also something you would love to see. A dinner and a flamenco show is something that would be perfect for a romantic dinner. Now, another thing is going to the three most important museums inMadrid. They are “Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,” Museo del Prado,” and “Museo Thyseen Bornhemisza.”

Segovia, Sevilla and Toledo are two cities that are extremely important to visit. Segovia has the beautiful palaces of Alcazar. Valencia is another city that has a special thing to eat. A paella is the thing to order in Valencia and totally worthwhile. Last of all a visit to Asturias and Galicia is important especially with all those beautiful and comfortable hotels there are.