Does tourism destroy natural protected areas?

Does tourism destroy natural protected areas?

A protected area is not a piece of land that we are not authorized to enjoy, but on the contrary, we protect it so that it does not deteriorate and both today as our future generations can observe the life and geological wonders of these zones.

a protected area is defined as an area of ​​land and / or sea especially enshrined in the protection and conservation of biological diversity, and natural wealth and associated cultural resources.

By declaring a protected area, we assure our generations the «right» to enjoy the virgin nature. Protected areas can become of special interest to travelers who visit a country. There are even many sites, such as Iceland, where its main tourist attraction is its natural treasures.

Thus, tourists can visit protected areas and enjoy what they have to offer, being an important claim to continue protecting these areas. At the same time, we visitors must comply with the rules for their appropriate and safe conservation. There is precisely where our common sense and responsibility comes into play to make us participate in the protection of these areas. It is our obligation to respect and make them respect, through their complaint and call for attention, the guidelines that experts guide for the visit of protected areas.

You can always go to a good hotel, even economic hotels if you don’t want to spend the outdoor night in a tent, or if you don’t want to modify the landscape with our waste.

From ViaRed in general we warn on this subject that has worried us in several of our trips made, because although in general the travelers are alarmed when a group of Japanese gives them to skip the cuerdecilla of the temple X and take photos uploaded in the heads of the heads of the sculptures or touching as if they were life paintings of 800 years ago, what we have observed is that this alert feeling is less or even non -existent when it comes to natural spaces . We hope that this mentality will change And let’s be a active and promoter in the protection of our planet.