Discover Ibiza | Travel to Spain

Discover Ibiza | Travel to Spain

Eivissa, much more than beach
Eivissa, or as it is better known, Ibiza, is an island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the Balearic Islands. This island has an extension of 572 square kilometers, 210 kilometers of coast and a population of more than 129,000 inhabitants.

There is so the beauty that you can find in Ibiza that on December 4, 1999, UNESCO registered it in the Eivissa, Biodiversity and Culture category within the World Heritage Assembly.

The island of Ibiza is one of the most tourist in Spain since it has many attractions such as the sun, the beach and the party. But also, what not everyone knows is that it has an ancient culture, a wonderful biodiversity. The latest data show that there has been an increase in tourism for these causes, in the search for culture, rural and sports tourism, leaving aside the beach and party.

The truth is that you can find a most varied flora, they claim that it has about a thousand species that usually occur in diverse biogeographic affinities, the different origins and the various connections that the Ibizan flora have had throughout its history. Some of the species that you will see in their landscape are the Carrasco pine, the pine pine, the juniper, the sabina, among many others.

Gastronomy and Leisure
If you want to enjoy a delicious gastronomy, in Ibiza you could enjoy raw materials with its oils, wines, lamb of Ibiza, flao of Ibiza herbs, Ibizan honey certified of Ibiza, and many more.

For those who want to enjoy the Ibizan party has many parties and discos, some of the most famous clubs such as Space, Pachá, Privilege, Ibiza, Amnesia, Café del Mar or Paradís could be highlighted. In the area of ​​the port of Ibiza it also attracts many tourists for their nightlife.

Another type of party that we encourage you to enjoy are the popular festivals of the different peoples of the island that still retain their original essence. On these occasions you can contact the local artisans, enjoy the demonstrations of “Ball Pagès”, participate in various playful and sports activities for children and adults, including outdoor concerts that usually have as their scenario the main places of each municipality.