Adventures in Europe

Adventures in Europe

Below are some of the most visited places in Europe in 2014 that offer unique and unforgettable experiences. These places are perfect for a family vacation or even for a relaxing vacation, so they are valid for anyone:
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cycling in the Czech Republic

Prague and Vienna are two well -known destinations where they offer cheap beer and beautiful old buildings. Another thing that connects the most popular European capitals is the Green Road from Prague to Vienna that can be traveled by bicycle. During the trip the views are splendid and one can see wonderful landscapes with green hills, the caudalous rivers in addition to knowing the cultural and national heritage of the area, protected since 1989. It is a well -communicated area with numerous routes and trails quietly tours For thousands of tourists every day.

Royal Eagles in Sweden

The bravest hearts can go into the wild world winter of Sweden to take photos of the magnificent real eagles, Siberian leases and carpenter birds. The Worldwide Worldwide Travel Agency offers stays in Forest Cabañas near the Bollnas city located in the Oyungen Glacial Lake about three hours north of Stockholm. Every morning, a sled takes visitors to the shelter, where you can see and photograph the birds with the help of Nick Garbo, a photographer specializing in wildlife.

kayak and other extreme entertainments in the Azores Islands

The Azores Islands is a majestic Atlantic archipelago located about 1,500 kilometers west of Portugal with attractions for adventure lovers who have the necessary courage to dive with sharks . This is not the only proposal for lovers of high adrenaline: you can also descend to ravines and waterfalls, swim with the dolphins , climb or ride a bicycle.

hiking for the Balkans

Balkans offer us walking tours of areas of historical and natural importance of the mountains. The locations most visited by hikers are located mainly in Bulgaria , but also highlights the Tara Canyon in Montenegro. There are greater and lesser difficulty routes to adapt to the tastes of each tourist.

Faroe Islands, a whole story

Walking is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful Faroe Islands, 18 volcanic islands located in the Norway Sea between Scotland and Iceland. A comfortable and cheap way to travel is by boat to enjoy the extraordinary and unquestionable beauty of these islands and their peculiarities.

Mont Blanc, France

There are three ways to climb to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. The Jagged Globe expedition company offers each of them. The most used is the Guten route that requires a high level of resistance and endurance and offers two shelters to stay during the climb that normally lasts three days. Training of climbing are offered as well as the necessary instruments for a safe and possible arrival to the indicated destination.

Eolias Islands, Italy

One of the most popular challenges of 2014 is the nado among the steep Eolias Islands north of Sicily. The only condition that this destination requires is to be able to swim 7 kilometers during the day, although it will always have a escort ship that will accompany tourists to prevent incidents. During the swim, you can see wide cliffs and rocky caves and enjoy wonderful views of the black sand beaches located near beautiful ports.

Discover Budapest’s luxury train to Istanbul

You can live magnificent adventures on the board of Danube Express Train whose route covers from Budapest to Istanbul. The private train stops in Hungary to enjoy the great show of the horses and a little later makes its stop in Kecskemét, located in the heart of the great Hungarian plain. On the second day the train travels through Romania and allows to explore the medieval city of Sighisara and Bran Castle in Brav. Then he enters the Carpatos and Bulgaria where he stops in Veliko Tarnovo and Kazanlak cities characterized by his spectacular beauty where the tourist can enjoy a unique flora and fauna. The trip ends in the morning of the fourth day when the train arrives at its destination, Istanbul.

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Peloponnese turtles, Greece

Adventures are not always related to adrenaline. The GVI travel agency helps volunteers to understand everything about their destination and explore this region. Those enrolled in this project live in tents between 2 and 12 weeks in a little inhabited town along with an environmental team while helping protect important sea turtles and their eggs.